How To Do Katherine Heigl Blonde Hair Color 2016

If you are searching most fabulous hairstyle look then keep in mind different shade hair color is most important part for hairstyling. Today we are discussing How to Do Katherine Heigl Blonde Hair Color 2016? Yes this is very interesting topic for all females for new makeover. Katherine Heigl is an American young actress, producer and fashion model. According her hairstylist Katerine Heig mostly hairstyle ideas is taken by her hairstyling requirements so you can say Katherine hairstyles is result of her creativity ideas. Katherine Marie different movies hairstyles still very famous in celebrities yes mostly teen celebrities are adopting her hairstyle and different fashion trend so you can say Katherine Heigl hairstyle and hair color is big inspiration for female included teen celebrities.

How To Do Katherine Heigl Blonde Hair Color 2016

How To Do Katherine Heigl Blonde Hair Color 2016:

  • Select your hairstyle inspiration for hairstyle  color procedure, you have option select Katherine Heigl hair color blonde with most perfect look for formal and casual parties.
  • Buy Bleach and apply on your hair and according to my experience 20 Volume bleach is best for dark blondes hair color and 40 volume bleach is best for darker hair. You can apply medium brunettes hair color with 20 volume bleach.
  • Comb your hair with fine comb
  • Ware bleach Glovers on your hand sand covers your eye, eyebrow and hair line or forehead with Vaseline
  • Apply Bleach on your hair leave it for 40min to 01 hours
  • Apply blonde hair color on toner but this is optional things for you
  • Apply blonde hair color with hair brush and leave for 2 hours
  • Now through this method you can get ideas How To Do Katherine Heigl Blonde Hair Color 2016.

Katherine Short Hairstyle

Katherine Heigl different hairstyles:

Katherine Heigl Short layered, long layered hairstyles is looking gorgeous and perfect for casual and formal events, if you want to attend prom party and any other formal event then adopt her short step by step layered hairstyle, if you want to get casual hairstyle then Katherine Heigl long ruff hairstyle is best inspiration for your upcoming hairstyle makeover.


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